Eczema (or dermatitis) is a common, recurring, non-infectious, inflammatory skin disease in which the skin becomes red, dry itchy and scaly and may even weep, bleed or crust over.


There are many types of eczema and also many causes. The main causes are irritants such as chemicals and soaps and allergens such as grasses and foods such as cow’s milk. Stress and babies teething can also cause eczema.

Most children with eczema improve as they get older (60% clear by their teens). There is no cure for the condition but it can be managed.

There are many different types of eczema, one of the main types is contact eczema which is a localised reaction in response to an irritant or allergen and causes redness, itching and burning.

We have many treatments available in Miller’s Pharmacy, emollient treatment is used to moisturise the very dry skin to protect the skin barrier and to prevent further dryness. A good daily routine is vital. In many cases emollient treatment on its own may not be enough and you may need to visit your GP. Anti- histamines may also be useful at reducing the itch. They are usually taken at night as they may make you sleepy.

Below is some advice you may find useful:

Useful Tips

  • Always keep fingernails short
  • Wear cotton clothing where possible
  • Use soap free products for bathing
  • Use specially formulated shampoos
  • Read the ingredients on cosmetics
  • Use a non bio washing powder and do not use fabric conditioner
  • Do not use chemical sprays and plug-ins around the home
  • Cut down on harsh cleaning products
  • Shower immediately after swimming in a chlorinated pool and apply a moisturiser
  • Use heavy protective gloves when working with paint or chemicals and wear a mask
  • Sore skin and sand don’t mix so be careful with children while on holidays or on a trip to the seaside
  • Avoid having anybody smoke in the home, avoid houses where there are smokers